Welcome to Leadership Canton

Leadership Canton is a program designed to strengthen and develop the communities leadership base. Individuals will participate with high profile leaders within the community, county, and state. Leadership Canton gives individuals the opportunity to see beyond their own sphere of leadership to a bigger picture that was once beyond their grasp.


The Leadership Canton program will build a stronger more cooperative volunteer base within our local community. These skills can be used to become a more civic minded individual supporting and giving back to the communities of which we work or live. All graduates from the Leadership Canton will be prepared to take on new opportunities for leadership roles within the community, their jobs, and even their own businesses.

Leadership Canton is designed to strengthen and develop its community’s leader base so to have a healthy and thriving Canton.

The Leadership Canton program provides an advanced knowledge of community resources, township structure and practices, issues affecting our community and networking opportunities.

Participants meet once a month, at various locations in the community from October through May. Each day long session addresses a specific topic in the community and most sessions include guest speakers, a tour of the area facilities and extensive networking opportunities with students in class.

Topics explored include:

  • The Nature of Leadership
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Challenges of the Future
  • Business & Economic Development
  • Health & Human Services
  • Local, County & State Government
  • Public Safety & The Justice System


A formal graduation dinner will be held to acknowledge your completion of the program. You will receive a certificate and plaque, and also a chance to share the personal impact of the Leadership Canton program.

Key Events Guide

You will be given an itinerary of key events for the Canton Chamber of Commerce and Canton Township. You can choose to attend as a participant and give feedback, or sign up to volunteer. Examples include Canton Chamber of Commerce special events, Canton Leisure Services special events, A Salute to Canton Community Awards Banquet, and Relay for Life.

Shackleton’s Way

This book is an excellent example of leadership and perseverance. You will be given the book on the first day as a reward for committing to the program.

Linked In

There is a Leadership Canton Group on Linked In, and we invite you to join! This group is great exposure to many distinguished alumni that are leaders in our community.


Food is an important part of any gathering! You will be given breakfast and lunch at each session. Breakfasts will be light – bagels, fruit, or pastry type offerings, along with coffee, juice and water. Lunches will be a full meal. Breakfast will be served between 8 and 8:30, before the start of each session. Lunch times will vary based on the session schedule. If you have any special nutrition needs, please let us know in advance.


It will be important that you provide an email address that you will check often as email will be our main form of communication with the class. The starting location for each session will vary, so participants must be diligent about confirming where to go prior to each session.


There are times when a session will begin in one location then move to another. You will need reliable transportation to get from place to place. There may be chances to carpool, and one session will offer a bus tour due to the amount of businesses and developments we will visit. We will try to limit the driving, and all destinations will be in Canton.


The dress code for each session is business casual unless you hear from us in advance. Please wear comfortable shoes as most sessions involved a lot of walking.